Cats Vs. Dogs ~ Who’s The Easiest?

Cats vs. Dogs; Who’s the easiest of the two?

Purr…….A quiet tabby cat stretches on the rug by your feet. It continues to purr softly then winds itself into a coil. Next, it is sleeping soundly. Your evening goes on without a sound. Then, an hour later you hear intense scratching, whining, and barking. Your dog wants in from the rainy outdoors. Because of his pleas, you open the door and let him in. Muddy water goes everywhere. The cat is disturbed from his nap and the rug is now soaked. Your dog wags happily, his face in a bright grin. He gives you a sloppy kiss saying “Thanks for letting me inside.”


In the corner the cat licks his paws, making no sound. On the rug the dog grooms himself then rolls over to ask for a belly rub. The rug becomes wetter. The cat finishes his grooming then finds the food dish by the corner cabinet. He eats what he wants then leaves for a place to nap. Your dog suddenly sits up and smells the air. Several seconds later, he is devouring the cat’s food. It is gone before you can scold the dog.


Cats are easier to care for than dogs because of their behavior/instincts. Just by looking at a cat’s features, you can tell they are a quiet animal. They have padded paws, long whiskers, and retractable claws. And they are quiet, spending most of their life sleeping or hunting in the night. (well, at least most cats are quiet)


A dog has the same needs we do. They must be let outside several times a day for bathroom breaks and exercise, they must be fed every day with a measured amount of food, their water bowl should be kept clean and full, and the annual grooming ought to be accomplished. Dogs nails need trimmed every once in a while, and their fur requires brushing and combing around shedding time, plus, a bath here and there. Also, they require affectionate attention. A ball, a stick, and a pat behind the ear are other ways to tell your dog you care.


Lots of people love dogs. They all possess different personalities and are extremely smart. Dogs have been known to rescue people from avalanches, alert owners when someone is going to have a seizure, sniff out drugs, and guard livestock.


Dogs don’t only save lives; they can be affectionate too. They are wonderful companions. A lick on the chin, a thump of a tail, or those cute begging eyes are all signs of affection. Also, they can learn cool tricks. Obedience is their middle name. That is, most of the time. Dogs just love their owners.


However, cats are on the top of the indoor pet list. They don’t require the constant attention that a dog needs. They are fully capable of being on their own in the outdoors. Their bathroom of course is the main no factor. No one likes to scoop the litter box. But cleaning the litter box is so much easier than waiting outside at three in the morning with a dog. Cats can be taught tricks too. People have potty trained their cats to use the toilet or the outdoors. No litter box to scoop is a bargain.


Though cats like a petting and a snuggle every now and then, (Or every night!) they have their way of being unfettered and free, only asking for attention occasionally. They don’t get easily excited and jump up on you like a dog when you get home from work. They are just there as lazy snuggle bugs for you to enjoy. Second, they don’t shed hair nearly as much as a dog and almost never need brushing. Cats have built in combs. Their tongue is lined with bristles to comb through their fur to keep it soft and clean. Lastly, cats don’t eat much. They eat so much less than a dog and if your cat loves the outdoors, you can bet they are finding extra goodies there too.

The cat’s main purpose when brought to America was to deplete the rodent population. Cats do a great job at this. They could live off mice just like their ancestors did. If you are a cat lover you may have heard this phrase before, “No one can own a cat.” This phrase is quite true. Cats are independent.


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