Fighting For Raw Milk

This paper is something I wrote for school a while back. I had the people who can’t have store dairy in mind.



Raw milk; A Fight for Independence

Tall and warm, a fresh creamy glass of milk is set into the hands of a young child. Taking a large swallow from the cup, she smiles, spreading joyful laughter to others watching; a healthy child with a healthy whole food. Every child should have the opportunity to drink fresh wholesome milk, but not every child can. Currently, it is not legal for certain states in America to sell raw milk; this should be changed. I want the marketing of raw milk for local farmers in certain states to be legal and why the illegal part of it should be removed.

Food inspectors have many reasons to demote raw milk. It could be contaminated with bad bacteria that may cause harmful diseases like TB, milk sickness, and several others if not controlled. If raw milk isn’t pasteurized, it can sour and therefore does not keep as long as the milk in the store can.

However raw milk is packed with harmless and health promoting bacteria in addition to the kind that can cause illnesses. It also contains extremely benefiting vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.  Raw milk was used as a medicine back in the old days. It cured millions of people from chronic diseases like TB, polio, renal conditions, hypertension, and diseases of the nervous system. It was considered the “white blood” of healing.

The good bacteria I was talking about in raw milk are the warriors against disease, but raw milk can be contaminated if not handled properly. Farmers should always be very careful when raising and handling dairy animals. In the 19th century, a milk sickness claimed many lives of European-American migrants.  Abraham Lincoln’s mother was also a victim to this disease. This sickness was caused by the poison of the wild snake root plant growing in fields and forests. They were grazed on by cattle, horses, and sheep. The poison was passed from the animal and into the milk which went on killing humans that consumed it. But farmers have ways to avoid contamination and milk poisoning. One of those ways is to pasteurize milk or combine many gallons and gallons of milk from different animals to dilute anything harmful. There are other ways to keep raw milk de-contaminated; by keeping dairy animals on “snakeroot free” pastures, sanitizing milking supplies, feeding properly, and caring for everything in an orderly manner. When I say orderly, I mean washing hands, storing the freshly milked milk in a sealed container while putting the animal away, brushing the animal, and doing everything you can to be sanitary. Raw milk is to be prized and protected, so dealing wisely with the surrounding procedures is the way to ensure healthy milk.

Soured raw milk isn’t bad milk. It is very good for you. Soured milk is fermented milk. Certain cultures in the milk make it healthy, though there are some types that don’t. These cultures will live in your gut and fight off diseases promoting your health. When it is soured, it has partially broken down proteins in our bodies, making it easier for you to digest. It may not taste very appetizing, but there are several ways to eat it rather than just drinking it down. Pancakes, bread, muffins, and many more recipes call for sour milk. Raw soured milk keeps much longer then store milk because of the good bacteria. Another amazing fact about soured milk is its ability to preserve things. Housewives in the pioneer days immersed chops, steaks and roasts in large crocks of raw buttermilk, and assured fresh meat for the family year-round.

The Arabs have preserved meat with raw camel milk for thousands of years. The Icelanders of 200 years ago preserved their sheep’s heads in sour raw milk. In 1908, an American doctor decided to try it himself. He immersed a beefsteak in raw buttermilk. Thirteen years later it remained in a state of perfect preservation, “showing not the slightest taint or decay.” Pasteurized milk can only mold after so long, never souring or preserving anything.

People with at least 25 years of veterinarian abilities have even now just discovered the benefits of raw milk and the reality of pasteurized like this person here;

“When the farmers kept a milk cow on the farm to feed the weaner calves, there were few digestive problems. But when no dairy cows were available they went to the local

store and got “Store Bought” milk for the calves to drink. Soon the calves died with diarrhea. When I went on to college and I was using “store bought milk” I got so I drank very little milk and what I did drink reacted in my system like a poison. I was told I was allergic to milk. Now 50 years later, a friend, who has a milk cow out in the country, asked me if I could use some milk. I accepted and for three years now I can drink milk like I did when I lived on the farm. I have no adverse side effects. This milk is raw milk, also not Homogenized.” (Earl D. Smith)

Raw milk is illegal to sell in certain states because of health inspectors tests. If milk could be handled sanitarily then tested properly by local farmers, shouldn’t it be available for consumers? Children, teens, and adults would have access to one of the world’s healthiest foods. With all that has been said for this wonderful liquid, questions are raised; why make it illegal? If it is so good for you, then why outlaw it? People can choose to consume it if they want to, just like they do cigarettes, McDonalds, and alcohol, except in this case, raw milk is a whole food, completely unprocessed, and beneficial for you. Why not take a chance and bring raw milk into availability?


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