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1 Organizing Idea For Artists Who Live In A Closet

Yes, I live in closet. A walk-in closet that is just big enough to fit a twin bed, a skinny dresser, and a wooden desk.

But I am proud to say I love my little room and have made it beautiful even if it is small.

I collect journals, pens, pencils, paint, paper, music, records, etc. And my room is so small I can barely fit it all. And because it is so small it gets messy. Too messy for me to find the brain power and patience to sit down and write because all I can think about is how messy my room is and how big of a procrastinating slob I am.

So I must say a shelf or two is nice and after looking up some ideas, I found something that works and my pens and pencils stay organized. For real.

That pencil jar on your desk, it’s either empty or its so full of random junk you can never find a sharp pencil or one with an eraser. Don’t worry, I was there. But now, it’s a past life. Welcome to organized!


First you need 4 crates. You know, the ones they sell at Joann fabrics. I suggest the medium sized ones.

Arrange them until they are in a square shape and there is a tiny square shelf in the middle of them all. Like this… Screw them together and then screw them to the wall.


Find some wide mouth quart mason jars and fill them with your art supplies.


Continue until you have everything neat.


I filled mine with more then jars of pens.


My spinning stuff had to have a place on this shelf.

Really, this idea has kept my room much cleaner. My pencils are always organized now. I never have to run to another part of the house to look  for a pencil with an eraser.

Try this idea with make-up, hair ties, socks, stickers, etc.

I am finding what I need now and I feel a little more tidy with this nice shelf. It’s small, rustic, easy to make, and adds so much character to your bedroom.


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