4 Poems ~ Farmgirl Original Work

Some poems I wrote a couple years ago…

 #1. Sing like the wind

Sing, loud and strong

Be like the wind that blows with a throng

Sing, soft and low

Be like the wind that sweeps the grasses so

Sing, sing like thunder

Be like the rain that beats with a blunder

Sing, sing with a twist

Be like the horses who ride through the mist

Sing, sing like the wind


I wrote this next poem the minute I heard my cousin had lost some dearly beloved friends in a car accident. (They were goats I must admit but she loved them so much and they were without a doubt, her best friends.)

I was sending her an email and I was crying and crying because I knew that she was hurting. I knew she was crying. I knew she had felt hopelessness and I loved her and her friends.

I don’t know if it is just me or if anyone else has had this happen but this was a time when words seemed to flow themselves. I barely had to think. I was writing from the heart.

I call this poem Sincere Prayer since it really was a sincere one at the time. I was trying to write it from the perspective of my cousin and all that she was feeling and how it ended.

I dedicate this post in remembrance of Chickadee and Connie; the dearly loved farm friends. But I also dedicate this to my cousin Bree who I love so much. She has inspired me in more ways then I can count and I admire her for continuing to love and trust God even through all the trials of living in a fallen world.

#2. Sincere Prayer

I know that you are with me

I have seen you in  my life

I’ve felt your grace and mercy

Each morning and each night

But now I begin to wonder

How my heart will heal of this

This hurting pain of losing

Some friends I loved with bliss

Now hearing a scripture speak

Is you whilst I am weak

You loved me more then I can try

And hearing those words makes me cry

I will love you Lord forever

Please, show me your face

Of never-ending wisdom

Here in this dark place


Weaving together rhyming words can be so fun. Also very frustrating when you can’t find a word that will rhyme with one of your sentences and still make sense. But other times it comes easily and there is no frustration. This was a non frustrating poem.

#3. If I Were A Bird

If I where a bird

Then the trees would be my house

The sun my bedroom light

And the clouds my couch

The river my bathtub

Waterfalls my shower

Rocks my chairs

And the mountains my tower


#4. Asleep

The meadow lark sings a tune

A melody so sweet

My eyes close

In repose

Now I am asleep


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