Chevre Goat Cheese Recipe

Chevre Goat Cheese Recipe:



1 Chevre Goat Cheese Culture Packet (buy from a feed store, beer supply store, or cheese making store)

1 gallon of raw goat milk

Desired herbs and seasonings

goat cheese plain.jpg



Heat one gallon of goat milk to exactly 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Turn off heat. Add one packet of Chevre cheese culture to the top of milk, sprinkling it. Let it set on the top for two minutes. Then stir in gently. Cover and let sit for 12 hours or until thickened. Strain in cheese cloth till desired consistency.

goat cheese pepper.jpg

Add herbs and salt. Spread on bread, crackers, or use as a potato or salad topping. Excellent in scrambled eggs, ravioli, or on toast.