Create A Fantasy World Map

I have always admired fantasy worlds.  They are worlds where bizarre things can happen, dream romances come true, and the creatures you have always wanted to meet are alive before your very eyes. That is what fantasy is to me. A dream come true.

We all have a world we have always wanted to visit. Deep inside us we all want to go to a different place.

“If I find in myself a desire which no experience in this world can satisfy, the most logical explanation is that I was made for another world” ~ C.S. Lewis

I have to say, that quote about sums up Christian faith.

Anyways, you want to create a world but have no idea how to get started? No worries! follow me down the page……….

 To get started:

Blank sheet of paper – I would find a huge piece if you want to do fine detail



Imagination ( hence, yourself.)

Draw the name of your world on the back of the paper ( hint, if you have trouble coming up with names, here is a link to a name generator) 

Personally, I make up my own because I want originality. I feel a certain sense of accomplishment when I come up with my own ideas that no none else has put to paper. So, I strongly encourage creativity.

Now there are two ways to do this

You can draw your world as just a portion like a treasure map, or you can draw the whole world. Whatever you choose.


Draw a diagram across the paper: You will  be designing your world beginning with a map. ( I must say I never started my writing with a map. I wish I had. My writing would be so much more clear and organized.)

After you have completed drawing the two circles together that will ultimately create a globe,  begin the land formation.

Will your world have oceans?

Will it be all ocean except for one large island?

Will there be tropics, desert, ice-lands, northern forests, mountains, etc.?

Mark out the basic land formation and islands if you have any. You can add in details later.

Color the ocean. If you added lakes or rivers, color those too.

Now if you want to shape mountains ( satellite view) here is a link to a video on basic mountain drawing

Construct your world with a pencil

You will want to change things later as your writing progresses. You might add a new secret island somewhere or change the location of a castle. Just expect something to change and keep it pencil for now.

Or if you really want to color and get started with ink, scan your map into the computer and save it as it is. That way, you can add stuff on to it later by doing digital art or printing it out.

Here is a link to an awesome site called Fantastic Maps. Explore and gain inspiration for your map making projects.

Need some FREE editing software for art and photos?

Adobe Photoshop is the best but there is another program that is very similar with nearly all the great features. It takes some learning but with experience and some patience you can tweak your art to make it beautiful.

I stumbled across GIMP. Click this link to download this software for free. ( I promise it is legit. I downloaded it myself and it works. Plus there are no additional programs added in. Those are so annoying.)

Have fun creating you amazing fantasy world.

Having a map nearby is soooooo helpful when writing. It will keep you organized and your writing more clear. And, tada! You have a map that may someday be part of your book.

Enjoy your fantasy writing!


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