Finding Fantasy Inspiration

What do people read to get inspiration? If you are like me, you want to read something that fills you with a desire to write or do something great.

As I have said many times, Fantasy is my go to.

Surprisingly, I like and find reading non-fantasy inspires me to write fantasy.

Lucy Maud Montgomery for example. (writer of the STORY GIRL, THE GOLDEN ROAD, KILMENY OF THE ORCHARD, and ANNE OF GREEN GABLES)

I read her books because of the description, color, and imagination. Her words tell me things like “Color brings characters to life” and “Imagination, you must use your imagination”

If you want inspiration, you must look for it.

Sometimes you don’t need to look for it though. I find inspiration for fantasy in the simplest of things. (even the most obscure things, like a knot hole in my wall)

I have found inspiration drinking hot chocolate. (hot chocolate is inspirational anyways though, right?)

But you want to know my greatest secret for getting inspiration? Ok…here we go.

When the door behind me shuts and I am immersed outside in the darkness of the night I find inspiration. On my nighttime walks to the barn to feed my sheep and goats, I can hear the faint wind and I find inspiration. Seeing the bright moon and the glittering stars I find inspiration. Walking back to the house, covered in particles of hay I find it. Alone in the cold air I find it.

Sometimes it just comes in waves. Other times it is scarce. But on those nights as I walk to the barn and back, I seem to find it.

So I guess what I am trying to say is you need to start a farm with sheep and goats and wait till it is dark and walk to it and do chores. Then walk back and see if you got any inspiration. (totally kidding, but starting a farm is worth a try.) But I am serious. I personally get inspiration from doing chores at night. That’s just me though. Everyone else of course receives inspiration differently.

Since you have read this far I suppose I shall give you some tips and resources for inspiration.

#1.Read DAWN OF WONDER by Jonathan Renshaw.  http://www.jrenshaw.com/dawn-of-wonder-book/

#2.Eat some chocolate. If you don’t like chocolate eat peanut butter. If you don’t like peanut butter then don’t eat anything. Be smart and not fill your insides with toxins that are in processed foods like peanut butter and chocolate.

#3. Make a list of things you want to figure out next for your book. This helps organize thoughts and gets you a little closer to your goal.

#4. Clean your workspace. A clean workspace helps me think clearer. (which I need to do come to think of it. That’s probably why my book is on hold right now. hmm. Maybe I should go clean)

#5. Look at pictures of animals or people. Who will your character meet next?

#6. Take a nap. Dream. I have weird dreams a lot and I have used a lot of strange things out of them for my stories. Dreams are pure inspiration.

#7. Read your favorite books and take note of the way the author strings words together. Is there a tone or pattern to them? How descriptive are they? Can the way they write help you in anyway?

#8. Open the Bible. Read a section from Psalms or Proverbs. I have gotten a character from Proverbs believe it or not.

#9. Listen to music. I vote Lord of The Rings or Narnia movie background music. Along with Brave film score, Braveheart film score, and Lindsey Stirling. (I got a book idea from Lindsey Stirling’s song LOST GIRLS)

#10. Lastly, don’t block your imagination. Pick something ordinary and try to find something to twist about it to make it interesting.

I hope some of these help. They help me but I’m not you so it may or may not work


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