2018 Summer Bucket List

My summer bucket list:

Yes summer is already half gone, actually more then half gone but I decided to update it.

In May I wrote down a list of things I waned to do this summer. Here is what I wrote down and what I have done since then:

  • Set up a booth at the local farmer’s market~Check!
  • Get at least 5 triangles in jui-jitsu during roll time~ Check!
  • Get the complete middle splits~ 1/2 an inch before they are complete!
  • Go canoeing~ Check!
  • Go swimming~ Check!
  • Go hiking
  • Make cupcakes~ Check!
  • Learn a new fiddle song~ Check!
  • Write at least 2,000 words on my novel
  • Deep clean my room~ Check!
  • Get rid of clothes~ Check!
  • Watercolor 50 greeting cards~ Check!
  • Spin a hank of yarn ~ Check!
  • Bake a round 2 layer chocolate cake ~ Check!

And that has been my summer! Have you made a summer bucket list?


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