Writing Buddies ~The Only Way I Can Write

According to my blog post title, I must have a writing buddy or I can’t write. Is this true for other writers as well?

When I say writing buddies, I don’t mean the friends who say “Great job. I like it.” or, “I can’t wait till you finish. I will buy it.”

No. Not at all.

A writing buddy is someone who understands your fear and frustration.

They are someone who feels the same angst you do when you can’t think of what to write. They know your exact thoughts when It comes to writing pressure. They know because they have experienced it for themselves. They are also writers, keeping their candles on late at night or early in the morning to craft the skeletons that will eventually move and breathe. They are the ones who suffer with you, inspire with you, and, ultimately, achieve with you. In the writing circle we all aim for one thing; to have at least something good to be shared with the world. (hence, becoming published.)

A writing buddy must also be a writer.

I have several writing buddies, but one in particular is very close to me. Her name is Bree. As cousins we are naturally connected, but in the writing department we have many things in common.

We write stories. We email. We inspire. We ask for help. We edit each others work. We feel the same things, wish the same things, and sometimes, write scenes in our own books that are extremely similar to each others. That is a writing buddy.

Without my beloved writing buddy, I don’t think I would have gone very far with my book. God gave me my cousin to encourage me during the toughest scenes and writing blocks I ever had. So I must say, without my writing buddy, I would never been able to finish a novel.

I must have someone to cry to, ( for help anyways)  or I will melt away in self pity. God of course is the biggest and most important writing buddy of all, since the novel I am writing is for him, but I believe it is OK to say that cousin Bree was an instrument of his. Since us humans think and relate to things we can see, I think that seeing God through the beauty of his greatest creation is very important.


I just wanted to say that having writing buddies is very important to the writing process. Not only do they provide encouragement and inspiration, but they keep you somewhat sane.

Thank your writing buddies today for all that they have done for you!


P.S. If you don’t have a writing buddy then you need to get one!

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