Random Art Projects ~Under Construction

My room is full of art projects that are finished or in the process of being finished.

Here are a few of my  art projects that are done or under construction:

A watercolor label I am designing for a local restaurant:


A watercolor painting of a character from my novel:


My sister got bake-able clay with birthday money and we made miniature clay food for her dollhouse. Isn’t my bread and butter so cute?



Fantasy creature I made up in 10 minutes. It’s like a shark/seahorse/sealion


Snowy Owl drawing


I did this 2 years ago for my mom. It is an acrylic painting of aspen trees.


Another acrylic that I did two years ago. A fall sunset through the forest.


An idea I saw somewhere. A whale in a bottle. I think it is a very clever painting idea.


This is also another idea I saw on the internet. I thought It would be fun to try and it was.


An interesting creature eye. I am still not sure what to make it into.


And here are a few more doodles and a painting….

Do you have any art projects under construction?

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