Creativity Drawing #1

As I said in an earlier post, I would be dedicating September, October, and November as creativity months. I will only draw pictures of things from my own head. I wont base any drawings on photographs. Meaning, I wont look at pictures for reference while I draw.

I want my drawings to be mine, original. I want my creativity to bleed through my pen or pencil. I want to develop my already known art skills. Everything I have learned about drawing I want to practice. But this time, there will be no hints or reminders. I am just going to go for it.

Here is a sample of what I  have been drawing lately. While my dad reads before bed, I usually doodle something.

I want this to be a picture in my book…It is not done, but I think it will turn out nice when I fill in the entire page with flowers and leaves and animals and bugs.  Cool huh? It shall be an exotic jungle scene.

(the animal in the corner is supposed to be a lynx.)


Media used: Colored pencil, and fine point Bic Intensity markers.

I have more drawings somewhere, I just have to go take pictures of them. Till then,


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