Random Photos~New Camera

I just got my new camera 3 days ago. It is a super nice Canon brand. I love it. I am still playing around with the settings and lenses and there is a lot to learn but I am having fun. Here are some random photos I took with it.

IMG_0180 (1)

One of my silkie babies. (99.97% sure it’s a rooster)

IMG_0239 (1)

Solar lights on some of our sheep fencing


My happy Kahki Campbell Ducks… Ha ha, one is in the middle of quacking.


My lovely flower garland made from cosmos flowers


Sneaky chickens in the woods. I’m sure there is a nest somewhere…

IMG_0159 (1)

My sister’s eye

And the rest of these photos are my family’s garden plants…

IMG_0186 (1)
IMG_0189 (1)

Except for this one: I took a picture of a tree’s reflection in a puddle. Cool huh?


(in case you were wondering, these vine things are hops)

I am excited to try some new photo techniques this year!


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