Recent Photos ~ Farm Photos

I have some new photos to share today that are from around our farm. There will be subjects in a variety of lighting situations. Every one is taken with my new camera from far away. I am still figuring out the settings and how they apply to my 2 different lenses.

Early evening, the sun is moving to set…All these images are raw by the way.


My family and I  picked several gallons of cranberries on our own property this fall. This picture was difficult to take because of the lighting in our house. My flash instantly comes on when it senses that there isn’t enough light to take a picture. That is why the berries are pretty bold in the picture and why the buckets look so shiny.


Early morning mists and the grazing horses..


My silkies are so precious! You can see a bit of that evening light on the hay bales and on some of the chickens faces and necks.


Our magnificent garden at the end of its glory. The frost has killed pretty much everything.


That’s all folks. I am hoping to get some more photos of the fall colors before they are gone so if I happen to snap some, I will share.


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