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A Christmas Gift Guide For Fantasy Writers

I intended this post to be for writers who know other writers. I wanted to give ideas on Christmas presents that other writers can get for fantasy writers. Hopefully some of these ideas will fit your writing friends. 

  • Fill a mason quart jar with tiny rolls or folded slips of paper. Each paper should have something written on it like a writing quote, a story prompt, encouraging bible verses (related to writing would be awesome),  dialogue idea snippets, or just encouraging words from you! Decorate the jar and have it be the writing inspiration jar. Add some chocolates too because chocolate is verrrry inspirational. 
  •  Amazon has a selection of books on fantasy map making.  Check out the options they have there. Your writing friends are sure to love them.
  • Mugs. Writing mugs. Mugs with writing quotes on them are best. If your friend is a writer, I’m sure they drink beverages that compliment a mug. And I know they would appreciate a beautiful mug with a writing quote decorating it. I know I would. 🙂
  • Books! Who doesn’t like more books to add to their collection? Find a selection of good fantasy books (hopefully ones your friend doesn’t have or hasn’t read before) and use them as a gift. I recommend Dawn of Wonder by Jonathan Renshaw as a gift. It is by far one of my top favorite fantasy novels, aside from the LOTR trilogy and the Chronicles of Narnia.
  • T shirts with writing related quotes and memes. I really like this idea that I saw on a t-shirt. “be careful, or you will end up in my novel.”  🙂 isn’t that great??
  • Notebooks! Blank ones. Pretty covers or simple leather. Writers love em. 
  • Book totes or bags. Ones with writing quotes are best! 
  • Fancy ink pens. A calligraphy set. Writing utensils. You can’t go wrong with art supplies.
  • Get them a subscription to spark or havok magazine. They are sure to love that. They may even be inspired to write a story submission for the magazine. 😉
  • A coffee card to their favorite coffee shop. They can sip coffee and write in that quiet coffee shop corner. 
  • Finally, an album of their favorite movie background track. Some writers write well when accompanied with music. 

I hope these ideas fit some of your writing friends!


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