Summer 2018 Farm Photos

Some of these photos I may have already posted in earlier blog posts, but because the winter here in Alaska has been so  snow-less…(it has been like 40 degrees everyday for weeks…raining and no real snow) I couldn’t help but look back on the past summer. It was such a beautiful summer. I enjoyed it so much. Looking at pictures like these helps me pass the time until winter actually gets here. 

Sweet pea, my buff silkie hen. She has quite an impressive hairstyle.     ðŸ™‚
My kahki campbell ducks. They are so sweet and easy keepers. I enjoy having them.
Captain, our large Icelandic ram.
Eva, one of our maremma sheepdogs, stretches after a long morning nap.
The young chickens decided that our ram’s back was a much more comfortable place to sleep then on then the ground. He didn’t seem to mind.
My family’s ram trying to nibble my camera lens through the fence. Ha ha…..he tried.
Atticus, our maremma sheepdog. The expression on his face is quite comical.
Polly, my family’s milk goat. She likes to nuzzle my camera.
The glorious sweet peas. Our garden smelled so wonderful.
 Hops climbing the metal archway over our garden gate. They do pretty well in the short Alaskan summer.
Spiky rosebush. I tried to get a closeup shot of the dark red/brown spines.
Bachelors button flower. I heard you can make a blue dye from these flowers. I am planning on growing some more next year so I can try dyeing some of my Icelandic wool.
A cosmos flower bud. 

Christmas is only a couple weeks away! 🙂

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