~Sneak Peek Novel Scenes…shhh~

The Time of The Dangers~

(key words: WIP~ work in progress; TTOTD~ The time of the dangers;)

-All photos and drawings are my own work-

Anyone else have the novel editing blues? (meaning, you feel overwhelmed and starting up office word just gives you another dose of reality; Your novel is in the most terrible stage.)

I am deeply in love with my novel. I adore it. But also, at the same time, I loathe it. I am in the middle of editing and every time I open up Office Word, I find the little mistakes and cheesy scenes I wrote 4 years ago. They make me cringe but yet, I see so much of my improvement in them as well. I can’t loathe it too much I guess.

~TTOTD is a novel geared towards kids, ages 12 and up.~

I thought it would help me to get back on track in editing if I shared some scenes from my WIP. I went through and chose some of my favorites, even if they are cheesy and I wrote them 4 years ago. Cousin Bree, I may need you to email me some of your favorite scenes too so I can add those as well.

This first scene is during a very dramatic part of the story when a mysterious rider is suddenly discovered riding the horse of one of the main characters’.

~“Uncle!” Rey screamed. Windsong reared as the shadow of a rider cackled; his voice deep and dark.

“My time has come at last. You thought you could get rid of me.” The rider sounded. Anen and Raden stood shaking. A fearful grip had placed them in silence. Rey clamped his teeth shut and held tight to Flame’s draping feathers.The eyes of the dark rider suddenly appeared and blazed a golden red. Windsong was petrified. Everyone could only stare, their stomachs churning. Rey’s eyes widened as he saw the rider’s hands light up like coals. Sparks spitted from the palms. Rey saw the light reflecting off Windsong’s eyes.

“This world will, burn!” The rider called, his voice deepening and hitting filling the forest with terror. Rey closed his eyes as the horizon flashed like an intense oven. A rumbling sounded beneath Rey’s feet and with one look towards Mt. Delethine, he knew that something was very wrong. But within that moment of fear, the swords of the high danger’s rose into the air; a sign that said all was not lost. ~  TTOTD Chapter 11

This next scene snippet is during the time when my top main character, Arles, is being pulled into water by an evil mermaid.

~Arles knew there were mermaids in Elestrian, but had never seen one. Picture books had displayed their form and mystery but that was all Arles had ever known of them. Never had she lived the details.

Before she could think of anything more about mermaids, the woman pursed her delicate lips and let out a low vibrato sound. Arles felt immobilized. Smoothly and softly, the woman pulled on Arles’s arm, inching her closer to the falls. The bitter spray dashed Arles’s face, but her eyes never left the ones of the mermaid. ~TTOTD Chapter 1

This next scene is taking place during a kidnapping. Katrina, one of my main characters is kidnapped by a band of mice with butterfly wings. (yes they fly) 🙂

~“Ugg! get me out of this thing! You don’t own me! Let me down!” Katrina yelled clawing at the rope. She dared not cut it with her knife. She was too far above the ground. The Farims just flew placidly on, not minding a single bit of her screaming.

“You know what? I will not work for you. You can’t make me!” Katrina crossed her arms and scowled at the mice.

“We are nearing our home. Steer left, then to the right fellows! Then full speed towards the ground!” squeaked a Farim. . ~TTOTD Chapter 13

This next scene is between to young brother foxes. They are 2 inch tall foxes, and they live under the roots of an oak tree. They are part of a species called the “Follen”.

~Up in Timmy’s and Ben’s bedroom;

“Gosh. How on earth is this plan going to work?” Ben whispered.

“We need some of mom’s bread for it to work. It’s the best bait around.’ Timmy said in a whisper. ‘But the bread’s in the kitchen and Pa’s down there. He’s going to guard it like a night hawk till he knows we are asleep.” Timmy finished, remembering the times when he and Ben had tiptoed to the bread bin for an evening snacks. Ever since the time they had been caught, neither of them had dared to attempt any late night robberies.

“Then we will have to go to sleep.”

“Remember, 4:00 a.m. At the leaning tree. 4:00 sharp.” Timmy said in a harsher whisper.
 “Right. 4:00. But, Timmy, can Stevie come along?”


“Stevie? Can’t he come?”

“Who in the world is Stevie?”

“My worm. He’s outside the kitchen window.”

“For goodness sake no! We don’t need a worm on the trip.”

“And why not? Stevie has every right to go on the trip as any other Follen. He is a respectable worm and has very nice manners.”

“I don’t care! He’s not coming! Besides, we can’t take any extra weight in the boat especially if we….*wink*.” Timmy winked at Ben.

“I don’t see why not. Let’s just dump some of the sleeping gear and take Stevie.” Ben said in a regular tone. He crossed his arms and looked at Timmy reproachfully.

“Ben, we can’t risk it. Stevie may be a nice worm.” Probably not. Definitely not, Timmy thought quickly. “But no. Stevie is not coming.”~ TTOTD Chapter 14

This following scene is taking place on top of a mountain where Freida, another character, is confronted by a dangerous man.

~“Who dares stand before me?” the tall man declared. His arms were by his sides, fists clenched. “A girl?” he scoffed. Frieda only looked at him. Then she found her voice.

“I am a servant. To the king.”


“And he is my Master.”

“Move aside girl. I have things to finish up.”

“No…I will not.”

“No? I think otherwise. This isn’t the way you treat a king. For I, Koron, am a king and I will rule over all.”

“Koron? I’ve heard your story. You’re not a king. I serve the true king. And I shall not be moved.”

“Oh yes you shall!” Koron unsheathed a dagger, it’s blade gleaming of past demise. He advanced towards Frieda holding it with full power just beyond the handle. Then the ground suddenly quaked and Koron stumbled, losing concentration. Frieda stayed perfectly still. A growl broke from behind the flames and a wild animal raced across the shale and leapt onto Koron, knocking him to the ground. The dagger clattered to the sharp stones.~ TTOTD Chapter 20

This final scene is during an escape. Under the cover of darkness, a cart full of boys is leaving for safety in another territory.

~”Have you noticed anything strange Rabon?” Arave whispered to the old man.

“Strange? I haven’t noticed anything…”Rabon answered turning to face the lad.

“I sense something is wrong. The horses do too. You can see them whisper to eachother when they touch noses. And their long ears are swiveling all the time. To be specific, I have a feeling that someone is following us.”

“Well,” Rabon answered lowering his voice. “Check behind us and see.” Arave nodded and walked to the back. Most of the boys were lined up along the walls of the cart. Some were sleeping while others were just sitting and listening. All were draped with blankets. Arave went to the back of the cart where another barred window stood. It was just low enough that his eyes could see out. He saw the dingy road and the shadowy trees that seemed to bend over the trail. Several hundred feet behind, a large shadow moved along the trail. It seemed very light footed and quick, but because of the darkness around everything, Arave couldn’t quite make out what the shadow was. It could have been anything. A person, a horse, a wild animal, another cart perhaps, but whatever is was, Arave was sure it was following them. ~ TTOTD Chapter 26


Keep in mind, all these scenes are not in their final forms. I will tweak them but they are the skeletons of some action and suspense I have written out.

Hoping to get a load of editing done in February!


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