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Farmyard Photos~Spring

Spring is most definitely here everyone! With lambs being born, starts up, and the snow almost gone, I can take a deep breath and know fully that summer is on it’s way.

Little Dolce Basil starts
Eva, our Maremma sheepdog. Yes..that is a spruce branch stuck in her fur. πŸ™‚ We like to say that she collects kindling for us.
Mama and baby.
Bria, our badger-faced Icelandic sheep.
Bria, posing.
Little Judy….
Baby Patrick. We named him Patrick because he was born on St. Patrick’s day.
Patrick’s mum, Bergeeta.
Look at Patrick’s horns coming in…and he’s only about 2 weeks old.
Feeding time….and Judy is trying to munch hay too. πŸ™‚
Dante….another one of our Maremma’s, watching over his farm on top of his compost pile bed.
Two of my silkie roosters

That’s all for now. As spring continues, I hope to get back outside for more photos. Soon we will have flowers and green grass!

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