~Just Because Art~

Is it just me or are eyes one of the most beautiful parts of the body? They can be so full of emotion and I just love drawing them.

That is what I have been drawing the most of these past weeks. Eyes.

But eyes haven’t been the only thing. Sometimes I branch out and create fantasy creatures, just because.

Or I just do flowers. Only these are watercolor and ink….

But everyone, I have to confess…drawing on the cardboard from the backs of sketchbooks is my favorite thing. It just makes your drawings so bright and lovely. Below, I will give kind of my step by step process on how to make your drawings pop.

First, find the cardboard from the back of a sketchbook and start with an ordinary pencil sketch…

Then choose your colors of colored pencil. I recommend the prismcolor brand of pencils…Add ink, outlining the subject…

Then add more detail with pencil colors and ink.

And just add more detail! Use white gel pen for highlights.

And basically, keep adding more ink details, color, shadow, and highlights. The eye is the focus of this drawing so I added highlights and made it big.

and ta-da! Your drawing will stand out wonderfully. In the photo below, I show you all the tools I used for this drawing.

Do you have a favorite way to create your drawings?

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