Jesus Has a Plan~ A Flash Fiction

Rosalie Valentine, author of the blog Penprints, has been hosting an annual writing challenge called “The Flash Fiction Dash”.

It’s not a contest. It’s just a challenge. A flash fiction is a 1000 word story. You can find out about the challenge and all the details at her blog.

I participated this year, and made myself try a different genre than normal. I always write fantasy. So, this year, I picked the romance genre. Spur of the moment let me tell you.

A lot went into this challenge. I received a prompt from Rosalie and it was a song by Needtobreathe; “Be Here Long”.

If you haven’t listened to this song, I encourage you do.

Anyways, I was thrilled in the beginning to write something new. Different. But it was a challenge. When I began my flash fiction, it just poured out onto the page. Pretty soon, the 1000 word mark was hit but I wasn’t done. I had decided to write my story about Eve and when she met Adam. God was showing Eve the garden and then he introduced her to Adam.

That was going to be my romance story. It’s a powerful story. I imagined what it must have felt like for Eve to meet Adam and vice versa.

But 1000 words was not enough. For a story like that, there is more to be said and I just couldn’t capture it in 1000 words. So instead, I ditched it and wrote another.

This time, the words did not pour out. They trickled. They trickled like the tears that shined on my face as I wrote. My own story made me cry. That never happens. What???? I got way into my characters and felt their pain and love. A romance that makes you cry and smile. When I finished it, I knew it was the one to use. Sure, it’s not perfect. I could have edited it a bit more, but it made me cry. That’s why I had to share it.

I included a little pintrest-photo collage for my story. None of the photos are mine but they represent my story well.

Jesus Has A Plan

“Where are you my little rabbit?” Genna asked, smiling as she heard the giggle of her little girl. “Come out, come out, wherever you are…” Genna snuck up to the tree where she spied the little girl’s curls peeking out from the trunk. “I gotcha!” Genna declared, swooping down and picking up the child.

“Ahhh!” the girl screamed excitedly, but it melted into peals of adorable laughter. Genna dropped a kiss on the girl’s nose then set her down. The grass was soft, and the evening was warm.

“Mommy, when is daddy coming home?” Genna’s eyes watered at her daughter’s words.

“Daddy isn’t coming home Lucy.” Genna swallowed hard.

“But he came home before? Why can’t he come home again?” Lucy asked. It seemed perfectly logical to her. Daddy should be there with them.

“Oh honey, daddy can’t. He isn’t here anymore.” Genna put a hand on Lucy’s shoulder.

“You mean, I won’t see daddy again?”

“Not here baby. Not here.”

“But why?” Lucy’s voice rose. Genna reached out with the other hand and pulled her daughter in for a hug. Lucy rested her chin on Genna’s shoulder. “I miss daddy. Why can’t he be here with us. I want to hug him.” Lucy whispered. Genna’s tears were flowing now, streaming.
“I miss him too baby. I want to hug him.” They both sat there in the grass, Genna rocking Lucy, both with tear strewn faces.

“But Lucy, we will see daddy again. Remember what I told you about Jesus?”

“In heaven mommy? We will see daddy in heaven?”

“Yes baby. Because daddy followed Jesus, and I follow Jesus, and if you follow Jesus, then we will all see each other again. Someday in heaven.”

“Then it’s not too sad. Daddy is probably laughing with Jesus right now. He’s probably eating chocolate cake too.” Lucy said pulling her chin off Genna’s shoulder and looking into her eyes.

“Daddy really liked chocolate cake, didn’t he?”

“I like chocolate cake.” Lucy said with a smile.

“Well, why don’t we go make some?” Genna suggested, getting to her feet. “We can eat chocolate cake and think about daddy.”

“And we can ask Jesus to help us not to be too sad.”

“Yes baby.” Genna cried, picking up Lucy and carrying her back to the house.

A few hours later, the chocolate cake was two pieces short of whole. It sat in the middle of the table, covered neatly with Genna’s glass cake dome. Lucy had been put to bed earlier but Genna wasn’t tired. She was at the table, staring at the cake. She could only think of Jesus, and of heaven, and of her husband who was with him there. Why did death exist? Why did God allow it?

She put her head on the table and sobbed. I’m alone Lord. Lucy and I are alone. We have no leader. Do you need my man more than I do?

Genna closed her eyes. She pictured her husband, Brad, and his tall frame. She saw him lean over and kiss her head. She heard him tell her he loved her. She heard him say Jesus had a plan. Genna opened her eyes. Brad had told her that often, that Jesus had a plan. Of course, he did. Genna knew that, but did it have to be so tragic? So, heartbreaking?

“Lucy and I need him Lord. What are we going to do without him?” she whispered out loud. It was so still in the house. Genna felt like she was the only one alive. She pictured the garden of Eden and Adam and Eve. What must they have felt when they were sent from the garden? What level of heartache had they experienced when Able had been killed? And what of Adam, what had he felt when he had no one like himself to love in the beginning? Had he ever felt alone? Did God create Eve to wipe away Adam’s loneliness? Genna had so many questions and very little answers. Love was so beautiful, but it hurt so much. Throughout the entire Bible, God had been foreshadowing victory. All his plans, ones he had predicted hundreds, and thousands of years before, had come true. Genna felt more at ease now.

“Jesus, death wasn’t the way it was supposed to be, was it? It wasn’t the goal, but Satan’s craftiness turned us away from You. Death is scary and real but with Your hope and grace, we don’t have to be afraid. I know Brad is with You, and it breaks my heart that I won’t see him here on earth again, but I trust you.” Genna’s tears were uncontrollable. She sobbed tears of both grief and joy.

Life on earth was so precious. Time was short.

“We don’t get to be here very long Lord. This life here is just a vapor compared to eternity with you. If death hadn’t entered the world, we would live here. But because it did, we have somewhere else to go after our time runs out.” Genna thought of Lucy, her priceless child. Life was indeed precious.

“Mommy, mommy wake up!” Lucy whispered in Genna’s ear. The morning sun was splashed across Genna’s bed, dousing them both in gold. “Mommmmy, wake up.” Lucy whispered again.

“I’m uuuu…uup.” Genna said amidst a yawn.

“I had a dream mommy. About daddy.” Lucy stated. Genna was alert now. She searched her daughter’s innocent face.

“Did you sweetie?”

“Yes. Daddy was in heaven and Jesus was standing next to him. Daddy said that Jesus would take care of us. Daddy said he loved us and that he is waiting for us when we get to heaven. Daddy hugged me momma.” Genna’s tears began again but they were pure joy.

“Oh Lucy, Jesus will take good care of us.” She pulled her daughter in close and lay back on the pillow, tucking Lucy in next to her. “If you have another dream baby, tell Daddy I love him.”

“I will momma.”

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