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New Adventures & Summer Photos

I have some new adventures peering at me from down the road. And I mean it’s really close. Like August close.

I have chosen to attend a college in Alaska and I will be pursuing a music education degree where I will learn voice along with heavy focus on my chosen instruments. I play violin (a tad of penny whistle, mandolin, and I can play scales on the cello) and I am learning piano. I will be living on campus and all my classes are music classes for the first semester. I’m quite excited to be immersed in the sounds of instruments and opera but know I will get homesick.

Anyways, big changes ahead so blogging will probably be slow. (along with novel editing….grrrrrrrr.)

As stated in the heading of this post, I have summer pictures to share.

Rocks under the water
A mystery plant
Mushroom hunting in a burned forest
A white winged crossbill. One of our cats injured it but we treated his wound and he flew away free. Such a pretty bird.
We had to take our bottle baby, Hannah, to church once, and this was all we had for a diaper. (our church is so layed back. Everyone loved her 🙂
our garden gets prettier every year

And that’s all for now folks. I will post the last of my summer photos before I leave for college but this is what I have on hand at the moment.

I would appreciate prayers (and I mean praying to God; not wishing for or thinking about me but actually addressing our Creator on my behalf.) Prayers for wisdom and discernment and strength. College is a huge step in life and many people make bad choices at this stage, ones they regret forever. I don’t want to do that. I want to stay in The Word, God’s Word, the Bible, everyday and seek him. He has given me this passion for music and I know he wants me to use it to show others his love and truth. Thank you all.


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