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College News & A Writing Contest

I’m at college now, and wow. It’s been an adventure this past week. Classes start tomorrow and I’m really excited to jump into my music classes. With my major being a music ed degree, I just loaded up on fun music classes for the semester. They may be difficult but I’m glad that I have the opportunity to be immersed in the music department.

Aside from moving to my college’s campus, I entered a short story contest/challenge for fun. There are prizes but I mainly entered it to get my writing juices flowing.

My short story is called Etched.

Etched is centered on two young adults and their mission to break into a building and escape without being caught. Chace and Addie. Chace is a tough but compassionate young man, eager for adventure. He dreams of making it into the undercover business, to be a courier for a particular agency. Addie, Chace’s childhood friend, is shy and sweet. But she’s not afraid to speak up when needed. She also wishes to be an agent but never relays the fact to Chace.

After Chace is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, he panics, begging Addie to help him pass an initiation test. What happens after shocks them both into rethinking their lives as potential agents. Addie, now forced to take Chace’s place in employment after being threatened by a man named Monty struggles with the reality of evil. Monty’s not who he says he is. Chace trusts him but Addie can’t. Who can blame her after Monty reveals his master plan. With the power to artificially implant emotions into peoples brains and etch images into their minds, Monty redesigns the way undercover operations work. Addie, hiding her true feelings for Chace decides to accept Monty’s offer of employment, if only to keep Chace from being sent away to military school.

While this story is 1,939 words long, I feel like it could be a great mystery/romance/thriller.

I sent in the story yesterday and am excited to have gotten words down on a page.

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