A Whirl Wind of Things

It has been two months since I’ve been on this dear blog. Life just kind of catapulted me into a new schedule and I’m honestly quite content. God has been teaching me a lot of new things lately and I’ve been trying my best to accept them. I’m at home now and finished out a semester of music at college with straight A’s. (I have no idea how. I was so overwhelmed) I’m taking online GER’s at home and I’m loving the lax days I can spend reading. Music at college was fun but my goodness; it was hard.

Since November, I’ve:

  1. Performed with an orchestra in my hometown
  2. Made a 2020 book reading goal of 60 books. I’ve read 6/60 books now.
  3. I’m taking 4 online college classes
  4. I had a dream and garned an amazing new plot element for my book. ☺️
  5. I have an aerial silk rig in my house now. I love it so much
  6. I joined up with my two string quartets again
  7. I started back up with my BJJ academy
  8. I bought 11 new books and 2 old books. (old as in 140 year old books)

Christmas was wonderful and I had a friend from college stay with me over the break. She is from Japan and got to try out many new things while she was here. I’m so glad she was able to spend Christmas with my family and I.

It’s amazing, and I don’t understand it all, but God led me to my friend.

I saw her walking back to her dorm after coming out of orchestra, (we both took the same orchestra class that semester) and I just felt like I should talk to her. I’m not bold by any means but God was whispering to me and I just started talking. We became connected and pretty soon she was coming to a Bible Study and Wednesday night church. She accepted Christ as her Savior one of those nights and I was just in silent awe.

If I hadn’t listened to God’s voice that day, my friend might never have come to my home and seen my farm and shared our blessings. She might never have even come to see Christ as she has now.

I know she has a lot more to learn about Him but I’m so excited that she accepted His gift of salvation.

~Here’s a dramatic video I made using only music, snowy trees and my phone. Music is by Lorne Balfe


So, I went to this amazing little bookstore outside of my hometown and fell in love with it. There are so many books!

You really have to dig to find the ones you want. But that’s the best part. It’s like a giant treasure chest. 🙂

Of course I left with some books. 2 books in fact. They are each 140-years-old and are by Louisa May Alcott. “Jo’s Boys” and “Little Men.” Both are delightful novels and I was thrilled to find and add them to my growing library.

That’s a decent update I think. My next post will probably be on book reviews as I’ve read gobs and have some great books to share with you.

God bless you all,


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