One Day at a Time

Here in Alaska, the entire ordeal of being stuck at home is beginning to drive us crazy. With gyms closed, friends far away, and in-person church services canceled, we realize just how much we value friendships and the time we spent together with those friends.

Am I going crazy? Maybe. Just a little. Being cooped up at home has been nice for getting crafty things done and some writing as well. But, I do miss my cousins, bjj community, and my friends a lot. I miss the feeling of openness rather than the feeling of awkward distancing. It grates on me. I strongly dislike grocery shopping and how everyone avoids everyone with wide eyes and panicked heartbeats. I just want to give my friends a hug.

Here’s a kitty drawing to lighten the mood

I’m not wanting to go into the details of my perspective on the whole “Pandemic” deal but I do believe it has been made far worse than it actually is. While people may have been getting sick, the mainstream media has been spewing lies left and right about the facts of it all. If you’re curious about whats going on I recommend researching. Check out Del Bigtree’s YouTube Channel for loads of interesting and factual news.

With summer around the corner, I wanted to update you all on the happenings of the farm.

  1. We have plants started and the tomatoes plants are nearly ready to be transplanted into the greenhouse.
  2. Three does due to kid in the next couple months, though one will kid any day now.
  3. Two hens on eggs, one’s clutch just starting to hatch
  4. Got 40+ chicks from cousins and the feedstore to be raised for new layers.

That’s the biggest news for farm related things. Nothing major.đŸ˜„

With all the snow melting and the mud puddles filling up, I am aching to feel the sun and run barefoot through the dry soil. I’m excited for flowers and baby animals. I’m excited to set up my hammock in a secret sun patch somewhere and take a nap. I’m excited for homemade milkshakes and fresh garden pesto. I’m excited to be back with my church and friends. I miss laughter and the togetherness of Godly friendships. God is good. He’ll help me through this time.

Mud puddles and melting snow

I’ve been drawing a lot. I have college art classes finishing up and all semester we were asked to keep drawing journals. If you can’t tell, I’m fiercely missing summer blooms.

Well, this is it for now. I’m going to survive this phase of lockdown. I’ll be taking it one day at a time, surviving on God’s word, music, drawing, writing, and book reading.

God bless,


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