A Little Sweet Fiction Piece

(Something I wrote for a college class. Entirely fictional. Enjoy my scrawlings 🙂

~Feelings from Two~

The morning was cold. Snow had been falling for the past 3 days, almost nonstop. The plow trucks had already plowed all the roads several times in an attempt to keep up. Out of the corner of my vision I could see her seated quietly in the corner of the coffee shop. A large window was behind her so I could see the sun on her honey-comb hair and the same green coat I’d seen her wear all winter. It had to be her. 

 My stomach grumbled. I shivered as snow began falling again, suddenly braving the coffee shop door. I stepped up to the counter and ordered an americano with a splash of cream and a bagel sandwich. I glanced at my reason for being here and settled into a seat across the room. I pulled off my backpack and withdrew a pad of lined paper and a pencil. I started writing down my to-do list, glancing ever so often at her. I took in her concentrated form. A mocha sat  next to her laptop while a poppy seed muffin with several nibbles was near her right forearm. Her front faced me but she was so concentrated in her work that I don’t think she noticed me. I scribbled some more words down, barely thinking about what I was writing. I was ten minutes into my nervous bantering with my conscious; Should I go say hi? Will she be offended? I should go say hi. No…no…she’s busy. She has college classes. But I’ll never do it if I don’t do it now.

I eyed her once more and took in her slender fingers typing at the laptop keys. Was she doing school or writing on her book? I wanted to know. She sipped her mocha, took a pinch of muffin, then stared at her screen, puzzlement on her face. It seemed like an hour of me sitting there before I gathered up the courage to walk over and say hi. I collected my things, finished my sandwich, and slipped the americano into my hand. Here it goes …


I wonder what he’s doing today…I mused, typing. I took an edge off my poppyseed muffin and sipped my white chocolate mocha. Mmmm. So good. The perfect blend for a morning of novel writing. My brow furrowed as I noticed some spelling errors staring at me from my computer screen. I fixed them then added some adjectives to a sentence. 

I heard the coffee shop door open but didn’t look up until the customer started ordering. It sounded like him! I dared a glance and colored. I panicked internally. What was he doing here? I thought he lived on the other side of town!

I typed faster, keeping myself consumed with my work though if I wrote anything, I don’t remember doing it. I was trying to block him out but I wanted to see him. Questions of all kinds circled through my head. Why here? This same brand of coffee shop is on his side of town.

I tried to relax but couldn’t when I felt his eyes on me. He knew me and was looking at me. I kept a straight face, pretending to be engaged with my work. I typed, backspaced, typed. What was I doing. I felt so clumsy. Why was he here?

He had a bagel sandwich and a tall coffee next to a notepad. He was writing something down and I wondered what. Did he write stories? It seemed like an hour of him sitting there, writing, taking bites of his sandwich and sips of his drink before he began to gather his things. Oh good. Maybe he didn’t recognize me. Maybe he just came in for a nice breakfast. I relaxed, though somewhat disappointed. I wanted to get to know him but I was so shy. Oh well. Some other time maybe. In a more comfortable group setting. I watched him put on his backpack and push his chair in. When he turned towards me I looked back at my computer. I tapped my fingers on the edge of the keyboard, one of my hands in my lap moving nervously.

Then, panic laced through me. He was walking towards me. I swallowed. I had no words. What was I going to say?

“Hey, you’re Fern right?”

“Yes. And you’re Caleb?”

“Yah.” Silence. I noticed he was nervous too. The hand that held his coffee seemed to tense and relax and tense again around the cup.

 “I….I was wondering what you were working on. I heard from some people at church that you’re writing a book?” Caleb said in a friendly tone. 

“That’s right.” I smiled. He came over to talk to me?

“Do you mind if I sit and talk? I have a while before I need to be at work.” 

“No I don’t mind at all.” I said warmly. Every muscle in me was tense. I was so nervous. No guy had ever sat next to me and asked to talk like this before. He wanted to know about my book? 

“So, what genre is it?”

“It’s a mystery novel. I’m working on it with a friend over google docs but she isn’t on right now.” 

“Oh that’s neat. Mystery novels are great!” Caleb exclaimed. I smiled and nodded. We talked for quite a while, maybe another hour, maybe more. I didn’t check the time. It was all such a blur. He kindly said goodbye but didn’t leave until he got my phone number. What just happened? 


I beamed. I had done it. I had faced my fears and now I had it. Her phone number. I was ok. She wasn’t offended. She had been really nice. What a morning. I looked at my phone and sighed, relieved I had 30 minutes until work. I grinned up at the sky and then let my excitement run to my toes as they trudged through the snowy parking lot to my truck. The day was brighter, snow no longer falling. A tiny patch of blue peeked out from the folds of grey clouds. Could the day get any better?

I got into my truck and set my bag and coffee down then shut the door. I pulled out my phone and smiled as I texted Fern’s number to confirm mine. She responded with a smiley emoji and the words, “It’s Fern. Thanks for the morning talk.” I followed up with, “No, thank you! It was good to see a friendly face and have conversation before work. We should do it again sometime.” My heart sank a moment, thinking maybe that had been sent too soon. I wished I could retract it but it was too late. 

“That would be nice. I’ll see you at church next week and we can talk about it then if that’s ok.” Fern texted. My spirits rose again and I replied with a smiley emoji and  “Sounds great. I’ll see you then.” I clicked my phone off and started the truck. Work was going to be great today!


I finished my muffin in happy silence. Caleb was interested in me and he wanted to see me again. I had no words. I shut my laptop, downed the rest of my mocha and put my things away. Who knew a guy I had met at church a few months ago would remember me and happen to see me at a coffee shop and then ask for my number. I certainly didn’t see it coming. I made it to my car with a certain lightness that seemed to fill every inch of me. I exited the parking lot and drove towards home, wondering what the future might hold. All these feelings, where had they come from? I turned up my radio, upbeat music filling my car. I just let the whole morning replay again, only this time, to music. 

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