~Summer 2020: All The Things~

This summer has been so good. Hard things. Sad things. Happy things. Color. Laughter. God’s provision and unwavering grace and love. I am in awe.

Hard and sad things consisted of losing a dear friend and pastor. It was sudden and many of us were in denial but God took him home. I cried at the memorial service but I laughed too. He was a very kind man and loved Jesus so much. I’m glad he gets to sit by the Lord’s side in paradise now even though we will miss him dearly.

This summer has certainly been different compared to my last few. I didn’t volunteer at the summer camp I’ve normally worked at for 5 years straight before. I took a break for several reasons. Do I miss it? Yes. Was it wise to take a break this summer? Yes. Am I glad I took a break? Yes. Do I wish I had volunteered? Yes. Always. That camp will forever be a part of my life and I know I will return someday. Just this summer was different and I had so much going on. More responsibilities. New relationships. New things to try out. Summer was good despite camp not being a part of it.

New responsibilities fall under the category of gardening. I’m a busy person but this summer felt more busy with the addition of another high tunnel on my family’s farm. 100+ feet long, the tomatoes and cucumbers and lots of other veggies took root inside. I’m talking about lots of tomatoes and cucumbers.

But really. Let’s talk about cucumbers. This summer alone, my family and I have harvested 527.9 + pounds of cucumbers and they aren’t even close to being done producing.

We have been eating so many, selling some and giving them away. It’s been really great. πŸ™‚

The new relationships I mention include meeting an amazing guy, investing time into the lives of my home church family, and getting to know some acquaintances much better, turning them into friends. So much has happened with all that. I’m so blessed. God is good.

Prepare for flower/garden pictures. Here they come….

My siblings set up a little market stand near our house. Note the misspelled “rubarb” sign. So cute.

I’m taking online college classes this fall. With all the unknowns due to today’s problems and special things going on at the farm, I’ve decided to stay home to save money and just be. I’m looking forward to a winter at the farm; close to family, friends, and real food. (I’m very spoiled yes. Farm fresh veggies and homemade things will always be what I crave.)

….and here is some art I’ve been doing this summer…

Well, this was a very shallow review of summer. I’ll do a more in depth one hopefully before school starts. πŸ™‚

God bless,


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