College Music Class Introduction

My name is Callie and I live in the beautiful state of Alaska. I have lived in Alaska my whole life and I don’t plan on leaving. My roots are here and here they will stay unless God calls me to another place. I live on a farm nestled on a 19 something acre patch of land surrounded by an array of free range chickens. I’m very content reading books, training Brazilian jujitsu, creating art, and writing. Home schooled all the way from K-12, I’ve had a wonderful experience trying my hand at all sorts of different things, college being one of them. I enjoy eating fresh goat cheese, cucumbers, potatoes, and lots of chocolate. Kitties, sheep, foxes, and chickens are my favorite animals and I am particularly drawn to the forest and wildflowers.

A section of my family’s garden…so dreamy.

I have been seriously involved with music for 3 1/2 years now, picking up the violin at the start of that time frame. I fell in love with the violin and started taking formal lessons with a local teacher. I dabble a bit with the Irish penny whistle, piano, cello and mandolin, but I’m focusing on the violin. I did a semester of music at a college up north and learned so much, coming back with music theory exercises drilled into my brain. I’ve played with 2 orchestras and am actively a part of 2 string quartets in my home town. I play mostly classical but I have gone to some fiddle jam sessions with friends and those are always a blast. I like attending concerts and operas, and will whenever given the opportunity. I listen to lots of film scores, Celtic, electronic, and a variety of other things but film scores I am forever drawn to.

Here is a track from a film that I am swept away by every time I listen to it…I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

3 thoughts on “College Music Class Introduction

  1. I love your pictures! I love taking pictures as well! I have been thinking a lot of Avatar lately, I’ve been looking out for it on Dish Network so that I could record it!

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