About Farmgirl


Hi! I’m Farmgirl and I live in the beautiful state of Alaska.

The winters here are crisp and beautiful while the summers are great for camping and playing ultimate Frisbee.


I live on a small 20 acre hobby farm. I am surrounded by aspen and spruce trees with maybe 5 birch trees in the mix. I spend my time writing, gardening, grazing sheep and goats, and doing all sorts of other things. Be prepared for a long list of my hobbies.

My Hobbies:

Watercolor painting  and adding in ink details with micron pens

Pencil sketching

Sculpting Clay




Needle felting

Spinning my sheep’s wool into yarn

Face painting

Reading lots and lots of books

Listening to music ~ Solo violin, classical, Taylor Davis, Lindsey Stirling, and a variety of movie background tracks.

Listening to Focus on The Family Productions~ Radio theater & Adventures in Odyssey

Writing fantasy stories

Writing poems




Brazilian Jiu-jitsu




Baking ( mostly sweet things)


Ultimate Frisbee – I could play this game for a long time!

Playing Irish Penny Whistle

Playing Cello

Playing Violin


Riding Horses

Planting and harvesting plants

~Things I have tried but want to do again~

Paddle Boarding

Dance ~Ballet

Making pottery on the wheel (I have only done this a couple of times but it is so fun and definitely worth doing again.)


Favorite cookies: Chocolate chip cookies and shortbread cookies

Favorite Movies: Lord of the Rings is a favorite but I don’t have an ultimate favorite. There are lots of good ones out there.

Favorite Super Hero: Captain America

Favorite Book: I cannot answer this but here are a few of my top favorites:

Favorite Farm Animal: Sheep, Kitten, Duck, Cow, and Chicken

Favorite Animal: Red Fox and Owl

Favorite Fantasy Creature: Phoenix

Favorite (my own creation) Fantasy Creature: I would have to say a Heppord or a *Farim. A heppord is a leopard/horse creature while a Farim is a mouse with butterfly wings.

Favorite Hot Beverage: Homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream

Favorite cold beverage: glass of cold goat’s milk. Add some chocolate and that’s good too.

Ultimate Goal: To be a tool, example, and servant for the One True God


*Farim; creature’s name is still undecided. I am not sure if I like it yet. For now, the winged mouse creatures will be called Farims.