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Fall Photography and Some Art

I said something a while back about doing some creative art and sharing fall photos. Today is finally the day. I'm back! My weeks have been busy and I didn't have time for blogging. Plus my art is a little slim this time. (six drawings at least, indeed.) I have one drawing, though it is… Continue reading Fall Photography and Some Art


Countdown To Creativity~ 3 Month Challenge

1....2.....3......Go! It is time for more creativity. (at least for me anyways) I am now going to force myself to draw from my own head instead of looking at pictures or doing tutorials. I am going to come up with my own ideas for drawings, paintings,  and doodles for 3 months. I will show you… Continue reading Countdown To Creativity~ 3 Month Challenge


Random Art Projects ~Under Construction

My room is full of art projects that are finished or in the process of being finished.Here are a few of my¬† art projects that are done or under construction:A watercolor label I am designing for a local restaurant:A watercolor painting of a character from my novel:My sister got bake-able clay with birthday money and… Continue reading Random Art Projects ~Under Construction