Writing Projects

The Time of The Dangers : Part One

The Time Of The Dangers (5).jpg

Status: Finished—-but working on edits. Word count will change.

Word count: 126,145

Genre: Fantasy/Christian

Book type: Novel/chronicles


This book is about the adventures of special characters clashing with an exciting fantasy background. The plot of it all is a mission to resolve peace in a mystical world called Elestrian.

Evil rises and threatens the good. The wise people must either fight back or submit to the followers of the dark Lord, Leacon.

It is all like the real world. There is always evil. No matter where you go on earth, there is evil. Challenge after challenge is set before the good and wise. An enchanted fire upon a volcanic mountain, a mysterious being, a small stone, and a dying world.

Worlds of creatures that you have never seen before. With still new ones arising from the depths of jungles and ancient legends. Join countless characters in their journey of choices against the evil. Will the people of Elestrian stand up or fall back in defeat? Will they trust in their great ruler to guide their steps so they can fight for victory? Will the lights of The Lord of Strassina shine despite the deadly challenges ahead?


The Danger’s Escape : Part Two

The Time Of The Dangers (14)

The Danger Chronicles

Status: Nearly Done. 25,000+ words to go. Word count will change after editing.

Genre: Fantasy/Christian

Words: 73,458

Book Type: Novel/ Chronicles

Synopsis: The thrilling sequel to THE TIME OF THE DANGERS part I.

After a long trek across the Everlast Desert, a variety of characters face many trials concerning the mysterious kingdom; Dwanierva. The Ice Dangers are still missing and how will the Wind and Fire Dangers escape? And what does all this talk about “the day of Chol” mean?  Join the Foxtails, the Televier, Arles, Eserdra, Rey, and all the others as they struggle in the grips of evil. Will the people of Elestrian discover the truth behind all of Dwanierva’s secrecy?


The Legend of Lunava


Status: First draft

Genre: Fantasy/ maybe sci-fi???

Word count: ??working on it??

Book Type: Novel

Synopsis: A young woman gives up her girlhood forever to become a star in the night sky. Her decision takes her on a daring journey that she will never forget.


Airi and The Legend of Autumn

twigs and their fruit

Status: Finished. Working on art and edits.

Genre: Fantasy

Words: 2,402

Book Type: Short story

Synopsis: This is a story about how autumn came to be. Why the leaves fall, why the wind howls in autumn, and why there is a season called autumn at all. It all begins with a birth….and of course it’s a dragon.

Voro Amin:

Voro amin

Status: First draft    -P.S. Novel Title and character names are not finalized.

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-fi

Word count: ??working on it??

Book Type: Novel


After being rejected from her home planet as a lapsed-species, Voro makes her home in the vastness of the Black Eye Galaxy. Upon her leave, the inhabitants or Voro’s ex-home planet find themselves in grave danger. Deadly even. Without Voro’s special gift, the whole universe could become overrun with those who wish everyone dead.

The Porliquan’s Gift:


Status: First draft.

Word Count: ??working on it??

Genre: Fantasy

Book Type: Novel

Synopsis: In a kingdom where pleasant noises and music is forbidden, two kids search for a way to bring life back to their home. The Poliquan’s Gift is an adventure filled with unique friendships, action,  and extraordinary occurrences.

Lost Girl

shadow. dangerjpg.jpg

Status: Beginning

Word Count: ??

Genre: Fantasy/Sci-Fi

Book Type: Novel

Synopsis: A soul wakes up in the darkness of a cave. They wake up knowing nothing about their life before this moment. It is as if they were just born and trying to figure out what they can do, who they are, and why they are there. The cave is so dark they cannot see. Join the adventure as the soul of one unknown faces the darkness in finding out who they are and why they are there.  Lost Girl takes you deep within your imagination.

Sky’s Fingertips


Status: Begninning

Word Count: ??

Genre: Fantasy/ YA

Book Type: Novel

Synopsis:  They say if you “follow your heart” your dreams will come true. With Emmy J. Reed, its the complete opposite. That one lie that was told to her through everything she knew forces a wall between her and her beloved world. But she’s not the only one who’s trapped.

Sky’s Fingertips brings you into a place where finding real truth is just beyond the darkness and that true reality is only one breath away.

There is only one way out of the darkness…


Jenny’s Wild West

Co-written story with Elizabeth Hientzeman


Status: 3/4 done

Word Count: 44,285

Genre: Fiction/YA

Book Type: Novel-Will be a part of a series


While growing up on a cattle ranch in Willow Creek, Colorado, 22-year-old Jenny Losee is determined to be a full time horsewoman despite her father’s wishes, but when a cattle rustler by the name of Wade Amsler threatens her father’s herd, something must be done. With Sheriff Gary and a group of men on Wade’s tail, the town calls for help. Colton Steel, a young and famous gunslinger comes to Willow creek to aid in the arrest of the rustler. Unfortunately, no one knows where the sheriff and the other men have gone. Waiting for the sheriff’s return, the town is amidst their annual county fair and Jenny can’t wait to join in the cattle round up and the race that is unfortunately only allowed for the men. By evening, the fair is winding down with dancing and everything things seems normal until Jenny disappears and the sheriff and his men return with no rustler. Everything leads to the mystery surrounding the old abandoned goldmine and a crook seen in other towns, but now recently spotted in Willow Creek. Join Jenny, Colton, and the rest of the characters as they try and take on one crazy adventure in the wild west.


Story Status: Finished with first draft

Word Count: 1,934

Genre: Romance/Fiction

Book Type: Flash Fiction-But plan on crafting it into a novel


Etched is centered on two young adults, Chace and Addie, and their mission to break into a building and escape without being caught. Chace is a tough but compassionate young man, eager for adventure. He dreams of making it into the undercover business, to be a courier for a particular agency. Addie, Chace’s childhood friend, is shy and sweet. But she’s not afraid to speak up when needed. She also wishes to be an agent but never relays the fact to Chace.

After Chace is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, he panics, begging Addie to help him pass an initiation test. What happens after shocks them both into rethinking their lives as potential agents. Addie, now forced to take Chace’s place in employment after being threatened by a man named Monty struggles with the reality of evil. Monty’s not who he says he is. Chace trusts him but Addie can’t. Who can blame her after Monty reveals his master plan. With the power to artificially implant emotions into peoples brains and etch images into their minds, Monty redesigns the way undercover operations work. Addie, hiding her true feelings for Chace decides to accept Monty’s offer of employment, if only to keep Chace from being sent away to military school.

Read my first rough draft of Etched here!